"My daughter has been training with Blair for a little over two years. She has improved greatly with the direct coaching from Blair on the key fundamentals of soccer as well as strength and agility. Blair will take the time to correct or improve on skills needing more attention while having a keen eye on the strengths of the girls she is training. We would recommend these trainings as its a great way to knock out bad habits and really focus on improving on core fundamental skills and get a grasp of understanding the game."

— april


"Our three kids love that Blair adapts her training style to their needs/style. She’s honest with them and they see measured improvement quickly, which makes them feel successful. Blair creates an inclusive environment and will take a coachable kid who wants to learn. She is a magician when it comes to technical training and skills for young kids interested in playing soccer. If you have an ounce of athleticism and a pound of heart, she will turn you into a beast on the field. "

— Amy